Press coverage
"Kyle’s latest 2014 releases are serious, intricate red wines that show a promising and bright future ahead."
4 Releases From Longship Cellars
Washington Tasting Room Magazine - October 11, 2017
"People are taking notice. The San Francisco Chronicle wine competition is the largest competition of American wines in the world. Results came out in January, and Longship’s 2014 Quinn Red won a double gold in the red blend category."
The Long Road to Longship Cellars
Yakima Magazine - March 31, 2017
"Welch is crafting classically styled reds with a Washington twist. Now is the time to get on board with Longship Cellars. - Andy Perdue"
Washington wine's next generation: Kyle Welch is the skipper at Longship Cellars
The Seattle Times - October 14, 2016
Recent Accolades
Best of Class - 2015 "Wise Man" Cabernet Sauvignon - 2018 SavorNW Wine Awards
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